Once you delegate to us, what to expect.

The way the Tz delegation works is that it takes five cycles to be activated, from the moment you delegate.  Therefore, it takes approximately 15 days to be active, then it takes 5 more cycles for your first payment.

How to Delegate Using TezBox Online Wallet

First and foremost, proceed at your own risk, write down this website and type it in your browser . There will be phishers or scammers trying to impersonate popular services and stealing your funds. Never ever click a link to any of your online wallets, you CAN LOSE all your funds.

Lets create your TezBox

1- again write it down and make sure it is =

The Tezos Mainnet has not been launched yet, but the promise is that transactions carried out on the Betanet will persist through the Mainnet.

2- Creating a TezBox

Be in a private place, no cameras or recordings going then proceed and “Create TezBox”

The following window will be displayed

Security is the most important thing, This words and the optional Passphrase will be the only thing that will allow you to retrieve your tz from the online wallet, DO NOT lose this, write them down in the same order, double check. Don’t say the words at loud. now when you are 100%, Continue.

3- Validating your TezBox.

Re-input the information, when finish, “Create TezBox”

4- Secure your TezBox.

In the previous step the 15 words and the password are used to reinstall or to retrieve your wallet in any client, if someone gets a hold of that, you could potentially lose your tz. This Password is just used to log into your client in the browser, use a strong password, more than 16 characters with numbers, write down the password, you will need it often.

Congratulation you have created a TezBox Wallet in your Client.

NOW Funding Your TezBox!

Under “My Accounts” you will find your “main account” it will look something like this, tz1VG7RsVCyasdBW23CyBW2iW65CyBWCyBWSA

When you transfer some tz to this account make sure you got the address right, one letter different and you will lose your tz, double check that all is right, transfer a small amount to test, wait until the amount arrives (this can take up to 30 minutes), when all checks then go ahead and transfer the whole amount to your new account. Familiarize with this interface.

How to delegate.

On the dashboard there is a Delegate tab, click it. You can not delegate from a kt1 account, you can delegate from a KT account only, all caps accounts mean they are a smart contract, that contract manager will be your original account your kt1 one. go to the left menu and click + ADD ACCOUNT. The following message will appear, this will create your new KT account.

Then once you are done, the following window will show you the new account information.

(!) on the avatar indicates that your account has not been included in the Blockchain yet, once is included you will have access to the Delegation Tab. Once you have access to the Delegation Tab proceed and click.

From the drop-down menu you will find some delegating services, all of them over-delegated at this point. If you have a delegation service in mind in the drop-down menu choose Custom, then take the address of your chosen delegating service (   tz1bkg7rynMXVcjomoe3diB4URfv8GU2GAc   ) and paste it in the empty field, then click update delegate . You have chosen a new delegate for your Originated account!. It takes some time for things to get into the blockchain. You have access to from your tezbox wallet, so you can verify that all is ok.

How to activate my Tezos fundraising account

Option 1

At this point in time most of the activation of funding accounts has to be done through terminal commands or through an online tool made by Tezbox, to be able to achieve that you will need to install and run a node so you can input the fundraising.pdf and the KYC code given to you by the fundation. There are many ways you can run a node, they run better on Lynux machines (Debian 9, Ubuntu 16 and 18, and MacOS 10.13), but the code can be run using Docker ce but for security/reliability reasons is better to run in it on compiled machines, follow this instruction for building your node.

Option 2

The Tezos Foundation has given a grant and have run an audit of the code of the Tezbox online tool (use at your own risk) that will help you create your online wallet.

Securing your Tezos account

The Ledger Nano S can run an application for baking as well as a wallet application, the baking application will sign deposits for baking blocks and endorsing blocks, the private keys will never leave your hardware wallet. The wallet application will be able to authorize transfers operations from your account. Haven said that the installation of this applications has not been certified by Ledger, but it was funded by the Tezos Foundation and has gone through lots of testing, Obsidian Systems have been in charge of developing “ledger-app-tezos” for the launch of the tezos network, and here you can access the instructions on how to proceed with the installation of the application on your Ledger Nano S, proceed with extreme caution, you need to know what you are doing, if you lose your device you can retrieve all your funds (private keys) and accounts from the device, but it easy to make mistakes if you dont know what information is critical to rebuild your Ledger Nano S from the 24 seed words.